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Breathing, Boat and Balance – The Challenges of the Aquatic Environment

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Addressing the demands of the aquatic environment must start with the most basic of understanding and acceptance of a simple fact: we don’t belong. The far-reaching implications of this basic fact are being explored all of the time and this ever-growing research of experiences by athletes and coaches is critical to achieving our aquatic potential.

RAAM 2012

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What: 3000 mile bike race from Oceanside CA to Annapolis MD Utilizing 4 riders, 12crew, 3 minivans and 34 ft RV. When: June 16th til you finish – We did in 5 days, 21 Hours. Why: Too many reasons to mention but we raised money for TEAM DONATE LIFE—a charity focused on raising awareness for organ transplant and donation. Total Raised: 42000 dollars

100Runs in 100Days Challenge

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This challenge has been loosely organized by a website I like to visit regularly, called slowtwitch.com This is a triathlon/Multisport news feed that covers all things triathlon from beginner to the elite. One of the more popular web destinations is the ‘Forums’ section of slowtwich where readers log in to have conversations, fights and laughs over a range of topics in the ‘forums’ section w labeled discussions such as; Tri, Jobs, Women and Coaching to name a few.

Upcoming articles in the works

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Recent blog posts have discussed my time doing silly events and also a peek into my coaching experience at the Olympic Training Center. This has inspired me to write a few articles over the next month. So, register for the site to get updates when I release articles like the ones coming about my time at the OTC as a coach, 100 runs in 100days, everesting (if you know, you know.

Time Travel

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It has, sadly, been 16 years since I left the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where I helped to coach both the resident National Swim Team, with USA SWIMMING and the resident National Triathlon Team, with USA Triathlon. What an amazing experience and I have long since called this my phd in coaching! Traveling the world and working with the most amazing athletes in both sports was an experience of a lifetime.

The Hangover

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Last week was a big week for me... Witnessing the men’s NCAA swimming champs and completing the 100 runs in 100 days challenge, I am now back home and looking back at these two events, hoping to remember them, taking note on things I learned and digesting all the accomplishments that happened.  Writing about it sure helps and sometimes one needs to do a little writing to help put things in perspective.

Another Barrier Broken

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The adjectives are running thin to describe what Caeleb Dressel has accomplished at this Men’s NCAA Championships. In fact, looking around after is 39.93 100yard freestyle win, and the first to ever break #40Point, people have started to just look at each other and shrug their shoulders. You can see the entire swim on instagram @mymainset

Witnessing Greatness

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Today Caeleb Dressel from the Univ of Fla swam 17.63 for the 50 yard freestyle at the Men’s NCAA Swimming and Diving Champs #mensncaaswimdive His margin of victory was 1.01 seconds over second place and Olympic gold medalist Ryan Held of NC State! For perspective on this effort by Caeleb, the difference between 2nd place and 40th place was .99.