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The Triathlon coach who will actually help you with your swim!

With a life full of swimming experiences and coaching excellence, Coach Dave can explain and address the essentials for any level of swimmer.  Having a clearer understanding of the challenges that the aquatic environment presents goes a very long way in helping each athlete navigate these unique demands. If you’re an athlete that is new to the swim or has struggled with it or has been dismissed to “just go train with a masters team”, then it is critical that your education start here.

Read this article: “The Challenges of the Aquatic Environment” and find out why your struggle is real and that there are real answers out there! Answers that don’t involve buying more equipment, doing more yards, or any number of drills associated with your hands/feet.

Often referred to as the “aquatic sensei”, coach Dave’s education and experience with the most reputable coaches in the world, has helped him to open the door to reaching one’s athletic potential in the water. The paradigm of athletic performance is changing and it’s changing in the swim too! Find out more by reading this article: “Swimming Paradigms – Important Changes” (Coming Soon)

Once you developed your aquatic athleticism, take your swimming to the next level by checking in with our ever growing library of mainsets.

At MyMainSet you can easily access key workouts done by swimmers prepping for the Olympic Trials in Swimming and Triathlon as well as how to make those workouts fit your current level. Read this article here to understand: “How to Read a Swimming Workout” (Coming Soon)