Multisport Coaching

Multisport Concierge Coaching

Private discussions via phone or in person with coach Dave on current training/racing/coaching situation and receiving an action plan going forward. No one coach has all the answers and asking for help or feedback/guidance is always strongly encourage by the most successful coaches. It is here coach Dave can discuss in detail, your opportunities and threats and come up with an action plan to help you past any plateau or just kick start your training again. Typically done in 1 month segments of weekly discussions. $299 *if you are currently being coached by someone it is imperative that they are aware of our discussions and are encouraged to join in. Honest and open discussion is required.

Personal Event Coaching

Have an event in mind? Usually the most motivated athletes are the ones with their name attached to a paid registration! What is your event? Tell me about it and let’s get started training for it! Monthly coaching costs $349. This includes unlimited access to coach Dave, daily training via web (Training Peaks), goal setting, complete plan outline and

Lifestyle Coaching

We all want to be better or as one of my clients recently said; “I really want you to basically help me suck less at life”!! Pretty funny, but very accurate! Lifestyle coaching can include preparations for a specific event(s) as well! However, if your goal is to learn to manage your workout time, family time and dose your efforts in a more efficient manner, this is the program for you. Monthly Service costs $349 with options for longer-term savings by paying in advance.