The Hangover

Last week was a big week for me… Witnessing the men’s NCAA swimming champs and completing the 100 runs in 100 days challenge, I am now back home and looking back at these two events, hoping to remember them, taking note on things I learned and digesting all the accomplishments that happened.  Writing about it sure helps and sometimes one needs to do a little writing to help put things in perspective. Writing race reports has always been a great way to solidify the lessons learned at events. Some are short and others can be really long. But the goal is to have take-a-ways. A race report can be about things to do better next time, both in the race and in your preparations. I have done RAAM (as a 4 person relay twice), both times finishing second (sadly) and I wrote a report up about it HERE.  This report took me quite a while to create, not because of its length, though it is a longer one, but because of the scope of the event and its impact. Hope you enjoy it.    You can also watch a video of me bombing down a descent in California called the “Glass Elevator”.   I LOVE THAT HILL.